Kent & Masters

Behind the Kent & Masters Saddlers name is a quarter century of saddle-making experience, saddle-fitting knowledge to the highest standard and equestrian expertise proven at international level.

Kent & Masters saddles underwent an intensive dynamic test programme using the combined technology of the Pliance and Centaur Biomechanics systems.

The Pliance sensor mat, with more than 200 sensors, is placed under the saddle and sends readings to a computer using Bluetooth. These are analysed and displayed as 3 moving graphs and a colour image – with ‘hot’ red or pink areas indicating harmful pressure points. Pliance gathers data through all paces including jumping*. Across all activities, Kent & Masters produced excellent results with no high pressure points.

* The Kent & Masters Jump saddle was the first saddle ever to be tested over a 1.40m fence.

Proven by Pliance®

(Left) Kent & Masters GP Saddle – Averaged Peak Pressure at Trot

  • Colours are even left and right and continuous throughout the length of the panel indicating a balanced pressure distribution
  • Large proportion of the mat is coloured showing the extent of panel contact with the horse’s back and a superior weight bearing area
  • The hotter the colour the higher the peak pressures - light blue (1.02psi) is
  • the highest colour recorded which demonstrates a very low peak pressure

(Right) Another Brand of GP Saddle – Averaged Peak Pressure at Trot

  • Pressure distribution is both asymmetric left and right and also unbalanced front and back
  • A small proportion of the mat is coloured, proving that the panels have a small contact area
  • The pink and red readings indicate high pressure points which will cause soreness over an extended period.

Pliance Testing in rising trot

Pliance Testing in canter

Pliance Testing over a 1m 40 fence

S-Series Dressage Surface Block

Dressage specific, open-headed tree suited to a wide variety of conformations.

Low profile panel design offers closer rider contact and remarkable saddle stability. Three girthing options allow the saddle to be girthed according to the horse’s movement. 
Surface-mounted thigh block for enhanced in-saddle stability.

  • Colour: Black
  • Seat Size: 17”, 17½”, 18”
  • Changeable Gullet: R-Bar

Dressage Saddle

This saddle is built on a Sima tree which positions the rider centrally for a balanced dressage position.

Luxurious hide knee pads and seat ensure rider support and comfort.

  • Pliance tested
  • Changeable gullet bar
  • Moveable blocks and
  • Three girthing options ensure saddle stability
  • Generous breadth of panel
  • Wide gullet
  • Open head tree
This saddle is easy to fit, even to broad/flat back horses.

GP Saddle

An open-headed tree and a broad panel which interfaces well, combine to make this a very universal fitting saddle.
  • Cut far enough forward to allow for jumping and hunting, as well as schooling and hacking
  • Width can be altered if you put interchangeable gullet
  • Luxurious hide and knee pads ensure rider comfort and support
  • Available in brown and black.

Pony Saddle

Scaled to comfortably take all ages of children through their pony riding years.
  • Seat shape enables child to maintain a central balanced position
  • Short panel design allows this model to sit comfortably on short-backed ponies
  • Generous bearing surface
  • Five girthing options to ensure saddle stability
  • Available in seat sizes 15.5, 16 and 16.5 which is great for CA ponies.

S-Series Jump Saddle

Long points and deep-gusseted drop panel ensure maximum clearance.
  • Provides maximum wither and spinal clearance above for the high withered horse
  • Extra deep panels are balanced at the front and rear to locate the rider centrally
  • Luxurious hide knee pads and seat ensure maximum rider support and comfort
  • Luxurious hide knee pads and seat ensure maximum rider support and comfort
  • Suitable for many styles of riding, including flatwork, jumping and hacking.

S-Series VSS Jump Saddle

The S-Series saddles are made to a higher specification by including additional design details.

A greater level of craftsmanship is involved in making the hide covered skirts and ghosted stitching on the knee pads - giving this saddle a more luxurious feel and appearance.

  • The ideal choice for a horse with an average height wither
  • Built on a SimaTree saddle tree shaped to give wither clearance
  • Tree positions the rider centrally for a balanced riding position
  • Luxurious hide knee pads and seat ensure maximum rider support and comfort
  • Ghosted stitching in the knee-pad to contour over the knee roll
  • Suitable for many styles of riding, including flatwork, jumping and hacking.

Jumping Saddle

This is the only saddle ever to be Pliance tested over a 1.40m fence.

The panel of this saddle is cut away from top of scapula to allow horse to move freely. Other features include:

  • Changeable gullet bar
  • Moveable blocks
  • Changeable girth straps and shimz options.
Affordable pricing this saddle range is a must to try.

Kent and Masters range also includes GP, Cob, and Cob plus (fits low withered broad backed horses) and High Wither GP.

Lynda & Siobhan

Run by Lynda and Siobhan Records both UK qualified saddle
fitters and of equal importance both qualified in re-flocking of
saddles to cope with the ever changing shape of your horse.

Lynda Records has been in the saddlery business for over 20
 years her first shop being Riders Saddlery which she started in
 1986 and then sold in 2007 to enable her to fill this much
needed gap in the market. Saddle Fitting Specialists are
 independant stocking a large variety of saddles ensuring you 
are never pressurised into buying one particular make.

Lynda Records - 082 443 3966
Siobhan Records - 072 875 6058

Tack & Saddle Fitting Specialists

Stockists of new & quality pre-owned saddles to fit every size and shape.