Traditional British handmade quality bridles crafted from the best grade leather butts respected for over 40 years.

All of our bridles are handmade; cut, prepared, stitched and finished by our master craftsmen & women.

We ourselves are riders & horse owners; we use the products, we know how they work, we appreciate what riders’ want and we understand the effect products have on the horse and it's actions.

We have addressed the increasing desire for a padded poll bridle with a design that is correctly proportioned & beautifully functional. All straps buckle up on both sides; cheeks, throat & cavesson. This unique feature gives a significant advantage over traditionally styled comfort designs that have the cavesson hanger running through & over the crown. The Cordoba range is elegant & effective, giving cleaner looking lines and easier, more even adjustment and alignment.
Oliver Smith on Trinity Hill British under 25 national champion - Trinity had the Cordoba padded bridle Oliver likes the comfort the padded headpiece and noseband gives to the horse.

The Sabre Cordoba for the definitive design in comfort bridles.

Lynda & Siobhan

Run by Lynda and Siobhan Records both UK qualified saddle
fitters and of equal importance both qualified in re-flocking of
saddles to cope with the ever changing shape of your horse.

Lynda Records has been in the saddlery business for over 20
 years her first shop being Riders Saddlery which she started in
 1986 and then sold in 2007 to enable her to fill this much
needed gap in the market. Saddle Fitting Specialists are
 independant stocking a large variety of saddles ensuring you 
are never pressurised into buying one particular make.

Lynda Records - 082 443 3966
Siobhan Records - 072 875 6058

Tack & Saddle Fitting Specialists

Stockists of new & quality pre-owned saddles to fit every size and shape.